Commercial and Industrial Division Annual Customers Meet

  • 18-May-2016


Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. Continued Expansion in the field of Warehousing Solutions.


The Commercial and Industrial Division of Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. (AAB), held its Annual Customers Meet at the Sheraton Hotel Doha, on the 18th May 2016.

The occasion witnessed the launch of the Toyota 8FBE Series, 3 Wheel Electric Counterbalance Forklift along with Godrej’s Mobile Shelving systems.

During this event, AAB also announced its partnership with Kardex Remstar (automated storage solutions), Switzerland & Endress Industrial Generators, Germany.

AAB has consistently focused on providing effective solutions to its customers by delivering the latest technological advancements in the field of Material Handling and Storage Solutions.

AAB’s Annual Customers Meet Event was attended by leading companies from a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from manufacturing & distribution to warehousing & logistics.

Mr. Serdar Toktamis, CEO, Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. said: “We thank our customers for their trust and support and we assure them our commitment to provide superior products and services. Also, we are very proud to be partnering with world renowned companies. Our relationship with Toyota Material Handling Company goes back to around 5 decades and we have been successful in achieving market leadership in the Qatari Market. Our focus is to provide our clients with comprehensive warehousing solutions and to be the partner of choice for all their warehousing requirements.”

Toyota Material Handling International, Godrej Storage Solutions, Kardex Material Handling & Endress Generators provided the attendees of the event with a presentation to demonstrate their background and history, capabilities and product ranges.

The new products generated a lot excitement amongst the attendees and reaffirmed their confidence in AAB as trusted partner. 


Mr. Yazan Mustafa, COO of the Commercial and Industrial Division of Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Co. said: “Our success started with Toyota forklifts where we are now holding a very strong leadership position. We appreciate our customer trust and support during the last years. Our key focus and fundamental principle today that guide our activities is to maintain and strengthen this trust. We are looking at the warehousing sector in Qatar as a strategic one and we are focused on providing additional and specialized products and services that cater for our clients’ requirements such as Kardex Remstar. ”


Toyota – besides being a global leader in the automobile industry also ranks No. 1 in the Material Handling Industry through sales of Toyota counterbalance forklifts and BT / Raymond warehouse trucks.

Toyota’s deep commitment to high quality products and service along with passion for continuous innovation have been the driving forces for Toyota to become the world's leading brand in the field of  Material Handling Equipment.

AAB strategic partnership with its world renowned partners such as Toyota, Godrej and Kardex Remstar has positioned it very well to be a key player in the field of Warehousing Solutions.