Dear Partners,

On behalf of the members of the Board of Directors of Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Company, I would like to thank all for their extended and continuous support and trust. We look forward to strengthen this relationship.

Abdullah Abdulghani & Bros. Company grew significantly over the years, trying it’s best to match the pace Qatar’s growth, under the wisdom and vision of His Highness Shaikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, may God protect him. His Highness vision to Qatar’s future transformation, inspired us to stretch the boundaries of our achievement.

AAB Commercial and Industrial Division (C&I) has grown from small beginnings into a leading provider of Industrial and Automotive Solutions, we have successfully pursued an expansion strategy, both in terms of developing innovative solutions and diversifying our product portfolio across several industries to cater for our customers need and requirements in the local market.

We are sharpening our strategy to be as one of the most reliable, most innovative and most trusted companies in Qatar. Our goal is to contribute to Qatar’s unstoppable growth that creates enormous value for our partners, our clients and Qatar’s economy.

We have established the family of AAB by investing in its human capital, considered the essential foundation for our business success and bearing in mind the principles and values we grew up with.

I pray to God Almighty for our ability to pursue AAB’s path and contribute to the prosperity of Qatar’s economy, by striving to improve our capabilities for providing the best business solutions and opportunities locally and regionally, making possible the development of our children and the future of our society.


Thanking you,
Dr. Nasser Abdulghani Al Abdulghani



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